Graduate of the University of Iowa

I’ve finally done it. I’ve completed my Bachelor’s degree AND I’ve gotten what I really wanted. A Certificate in Writing from the University of Iowa!


I didn’t walk for my graduation. Because my daughter graduated on the same day with her traditionally earned degree in Secondary Education. She’s now a certified High School English Teacher.

With my Certificate, I am going to finish the novel I worked on, and find a wonderful agent who can help me place it with the right house.

I am also getting involved with the writing community in Iowa City and all the opportunities to encourage fellow writers that it offers! I believe it is important to stay around fellow creative people. Artists, and writers, and musicians and craftsmen. Their energy fuels my energy!


Book clubs too are great places to keep in touch  with the pulse of the literary world and how readers are feeling about literature, weather it’s old, new, or in between.


and of course, I am carving out dedicated time to write. New stuff. and different dedicated time to re-write, to edit, to revise when the heat of the moment has passed and I can look at the work analytically.



But above all, I am going to enjoy! I went to college with every good intention at 18 like a good girl… and now at 51, that journey is finally finished. … or maybe partially finished.


There’s always graduate school. Wouldn’t an MFA look nice?




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