Saturday Scramble

Since I work full time and pursue my writing in the hours that aren’t dedicated to being the corporate cog that I am, Saturday’s are a precious commodity. This Saturday doubly so.

We are nearing the end of the semester and the crush of writing to complete is a constant pressure. I need to get a decent 10 – 16 more pages done on Independence for Advanced Fiction.  This piece is both my life’s achievement and nemesis. I want it to be done. That’s what I want. I’m not getting it done. That’s my big problem. I don’t think one piece of this story has flowed smoothly. I have not ever had that moment other authors talk about where ‘the characters just took over and I just couldn’t type fast enough..heeheehee…I had it down in like about a week.” Nope. Not Independence.

I’d be ashamed to admit how long I’ve been working on this story. Just to think of it makes me want to snap all my pencils in half and delete Scrivner.

It’s been so long that now it’s personal. It’s this damn book or me. I have to wrestle it out to not feel like a literary failure. Independence can not win.

But once it’s out, Independence will be a winner.

huh. whaddya know about that.

Writer’s are weird…



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