Ya win some…Ya don’t

Yes I was super pumped about the positive experience with the Almanac. Riding that I saw a tweet saying there was a contest ending  that day for a well respected literary magazine that shall remain nameless to save my chagrin.

I happened to have a nice little literary piece that I thought might do pretty darn well. So I quickly submitted it. And giddy me wrung my hands for months happily awaiting the time for the announcement of finalists and then winners. But I didn’t exactly know what that time was.

Curious, I visited the website to look for information. Now this illustrious publication is produced in conjunction with a famous writers program at a state university. Aside from being distracted by some links to some amazing pieces, I found the link to the contest.

I couldn’t find a date per say. But my eye was caught by a HORRIFYING sentence. Remember how I just said ‘I quickly submitted’. Well I meant that. I very very quickly submitted. I submitted SO quickly I didn’t read all the rules. I read hardly any of the rules.. Ok OK I didn’t read the fuckin’ rules!!

“Student’s of (insert name of state university with the illustrious writing program here) are NOT ELIGIBLE!” *emphasis on bolded capitalized words is mine. I wish it had been theirs*

Not only was I not going to win, I was not going to be considered, I probably wasn’t even going to be read, and I wasted an entry fee,

but most of all… I’m embarrassed before my peer group. I’ve made an unprofessional and bumbling error for which I feel ridiculous.

My question to the two blog readers out there… do I write and rescind my entry? Do I write and admit my mistake? “Sorry I don’t care about the fee, but please disregard my entry?” “Sorry I was blinded by the looming deadline for a publication that has my utmost respect and is on my bucket list to be included in?”

I liken it to meeting your celebrity hero. How many times have we heard the stories of literate, normally eloquent people saying the most cringe worthy things when face to face with the object of their admiration? Like at an after party when, a tad over inebriated, I turned and stepped on someone’s foot and said. “oh God I stepped on you!” and looked up into the face of John C. Reilly. Yes, Wreck’ em Ralph, Step Brothers, John C. Reilly.

Yup. That’s me. Miss Grace, Miss Debonair.

All in all, I think it’s not a career killer. The mis-entry, not stepping on John C. Reilly. But then, what do I know 🙂


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