Scrawny Trees and Holiday spirit

I’m late getting my holidays decorations going this year. I moved. Well actually I moved twice. And quickly! After a year of trying I sold my house. The catch… ‘could I be out in 30 days?’… SURE! I said, scrambling to figure out how I’d get that done but VERY VERY much wanting to get my house sold.

So I bought a mobile home to live in until I found a place to move to. And I found that place fairly quickly. Which left me with 2 moves in 35 days. It was crazy! And I downsized. In the mele I can’t find my Christmas tree.

I couldn’t bear to go without one. I just couldn’t. No matter how NOT in the spirit I am this year. But once I got it home and got it put up I had severe buyers remorse. SEVERE! I didn’t expect it to be perfect, but this scrawny, crooked, skimpy thing can barely be called a tree.

It’s note even like the sweet Charlie Brown Christmas tree, that was live tree in need a saving, in need of nurturing, this thing… this is a manufacturing disaster and the saddest part is someone designed this dorky thing ON PURPOSE!!

But I added 300 lights and stuck it up on a box so my neighbors across the street (who have a huge gorgeous tree I may add) don’t point and laugh too much. After all I am new here.







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