Scrawny Trees and Holiday spirit

I’m late getting my holidays decorations going this year. I moved. Well actually I moved twice. And quickly! After a year of trying I sold my house. The catch… ‘could I be out in 30 days?’… SURE! I said, scrambling to figure out how I’d get that done but VERY VERY much wanting to get my house sold.

So I bought a mobile home to live in until I found a place to move to. And I found that place fairly quickly. Which left me with 2 moves in 35 days. It was crazy! And I downsized. In the mele I can’t find my Christmas tree.

I couldn’t bear to go without one. I just couldn’t. No matter how NOT in the spirit I am this year. But once I got it home and got it put up I had severe buyers remorse. SEVERE! I didn’t expect it to be perfect, but this scrawny, crooked, skimpy thing can barely be called a tree.

It’s note even like the sweet Charlie Brown Christmas tree, that was live tree in need a saving, in need of nurturing, this thing… this is a manufacturing disaster and the saddest part is someone designed this dorky thing ON PURPOSE!!

But I added 300 lights and stuck it up on a box so my neighbors across the street (who have a huge gorgeous tree I may add) don’t point and laugh too much. After all I am new here.







The same river twice

I’ve become enamored with a little river on my commute to work. I believe it is trying to teach me something. Or maybe just tell me something that I’m supposed to communicate to you all…

Or maybe it’s just a river. A small beautiful river in the quiet Iowa countryside. A river many people don’t think twice about although they, like me, probably cross it twice a day. To and From.

I believe this river… It’s name is the Maquoketa River North Fork … at this particular place is one of the most beautiful sights in Eastern Iowa. And that’s saying something because we’ve got some sights!

So in preparing to put down some of my thoughts I went online to see if there was a nice photo I could add… and do you know what?

Nothing looks anything like what I see every day. The photos I’m seeing are muddy, and flat, and lethargic and the river I see daily is none of these things.

Which I thought was curious. Is this piece of this little river the last of it’s original beauty? Have we tamed it and bullied it into blandness?

I’m worried now about this little bit of rural magnificence. Can something so small, some snippet of landscape be called magnificent? If it is coming to the end of its existence then I would demand so!

Which is what I fear for my little river section. That it won’t last. That instead of the rest of the river becoming.. or rather returning.. to it’s former self.

If you happen to travel US 61 north to Dubuque anytime… look for it about 5 miles past Maquoketa. But look fast and to the East… and look soon. Or I’m afraid you’ll miss it.