Introductions and all that Jazz

As an aspiring author I suppose I’d better get more comfortable with talking about myself. The fact remains, at this point, I’m just not.

As a single mom for over 13 years I’ve written my share of online dating profiles, it can’t be that much different can it?

SWF looking to share with other coffee addicted, bibliophilic readers who either love writing as well or at least appreciate the craft. That is… I love to write, read, talk about books and creating. I’ve found my love as a librarian. Being a bookseller didn’t quite suit me, I kept trying to give people discounts. My success was slated to be short lived with that business model, so I regrouped. I think I’ve chosen well.

It has also afforded me an opportunity to focus on some of the writing projects I’ve had going on. My main focus at this time is the revision of my successful NANOWRIMO piece. I’m still in love with it so I hoping that’s a good sign for things to come.

By the way…

I’m Laura.  Small town girl with a big city heart. It’s great to meet you! IMG_1125 (2)


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